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Lithographically shaped FluidFM probes for manipulation of adult cardiomyocytes in vitro

Intrinsic full colour electrophoretic display(epd) technology with in plane switching(ips) of pigmented nanoparticles for e-readers. For the colours the substractive colour mixing paradigm is used. The pixel architecture consists of three layers, corresponding with the colors yellow, magenta & cyan
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Measuring humidity and controlling the humidity level precisely in special refrigerator compartments especially demanding high humidity levels such as vegetable and fruit compartments in order to improve the present refrigeration performance.
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To develop a new, high density, high resistance cloth for aviation purposes. The textile will replace traditional nylon 6.6 based cloth and should find a wide range of application in air born sports, e.G. Paragliding, base jumping and skydiving and in outdoor fields.
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