Eureka projects

Intends to provide an integrated, complete/open environment to support business applications engineering. This openness will allow it to be smoothly introduced into existing organisations and support their evolution.
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Lean assembly-oriented information systems will be developed for smes, especially hybrid assembly systems (production of series)/manual machine assembly at one location. System will provide low cost and enhanced quality of assembled products
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User-friendly, ergonomic truck chassis/cabin with easy access, optimised axle location to utilise maximum permitted axle loads/improved manoeuvrability through multiple axle steering. New cabin design, suspension and steering systems
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Factory processing of poultry meat requires extreme care to prevent microbiological contamination. The aim is to find optimal methods and equipment for microbiologically safe large-scale processing of poultry meat.
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.