Eureka projects

Disco goal is to develop a communication module able to manage several civil existing protocols of short-range wireless communication like wi-fi, bluetooth™, zigbee, and radiofrequency identification (rfid), together with others now appearing on the stage, like wimax or uwb, in order to provide flexible and low cost...

Intralogistics plays a key role in achieving efficient production companies. Movement of parts inside the facilities includes different activities, e.G., Part manipulation, palletizing, transport and un-palletizing. This proposal is focused in the first s

The complexity of multi-stage production scenarios and the requirement for adaptive behavior in modern productive industries make it necessary to adopt an advanced automation platform to tackle with the european industrial complex and high demanding scena

This application consist of monitoring the condition of a clutch-brake by measuring the wearing of the pads that are exposed to friction, as well as measuring temperature at friction point while clutching, allowing a predictive maintenance based on contin

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