Eureka projects

Battery less, cordless and wireless sensor system through thermal harvesting. Fields of application of this product; industrial plant safety, monitoring and control for battery-less non-power wireless sensor, iot devices, wearable devices, smart farm, building and home automation, etc.
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Development of advanced cooling systems to deliver low temperature hydrogen during fueling of fuel cell electric vehicles, with the aim of reducing station footprints, power requirements, and supporting hydrogen station network deployment by offering lower capital cost back-up solutions.
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Research, design, and develop an advanced liquid cooled thermal management system for the corvus orca energy storage system (ess) that meets the needs of current and new marine applications. The improved thermal management will support ess adoption in strategic and emerging maritime markets.
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.