Eureka projects

Based upon a patented ultrasound principle, dolphiscan is developing a hand held ultrasound reader for direct part marked standardised machine-readable codes.
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Innovative site security solution with localisation of people and objects simultaneously. Based on smart card, access control and surveillance elements integrated with an expert supervision system.
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Install sip telephony from innovaphone and its telecom in sweden's largest prison salberga. a former hospital complex in sala/sweden was gradually transformed into sweden’s largest criminal institution with room for 342 inmates and 230 employees.
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A high end visible and near infra red sensitive gated camera (nir-gc). Nir-gc will offer high resolution (xvga), a high frame rate (up to 500hz) and extremely low light sensitivity. It will meet the needs for gated cameras in many existing applications.
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Partners will develop top efficient digital power line carrier channel which will be innovative, cost effective and customer oriented. It will provide improved quality of service. Higher efficiency results in its higher sensitivity to noise and interferences.
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.