Eureka projects

Optimization of design and control of district level thermal energy systems
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The solarpact project will develop and demonstrate advanced software applications for solar prosumers, which lower the end consumers’ energy cost and stimulates decentralised generation by smart scheduling. Today, 3e offers synaptiq as a software-as-a-service (saas) solution for in-depth performance monitoring and...

This project is a graphene energy storage project to develop a new graphene-lithium-polymer battery technology with higher energy density per kilogram and safer packaging. Lightweight and highly-efficient batteries are key to the electrification of transportation industries, no more so than in the next generation of...

The present and future scenario of the power system implies a high need for flexibility on electricity and resource management. Coping with the present challenges in the most affordable way is meeting the different objectives in the energy value chain and improving customers’ participation and benefits in the energy...

Development and application of cable joints with density gradients and adaptable joining force

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