Eureka projects

The joint project aims to develop an innovative high precision wireless digital load cell. Ascell will develop the mechanical and analogue parts of the load cell. Apyoka, with assistance from ascell, will develop the digital part. Apyoka will develop the wireless parts of the loads cell.
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Hipdriver is a subscription based driver improvement portal. the subscription consist of a driver feedback and risk performance service, a telematics device to be placed in the cars to collect and transmit data about current driving style and car status, a market place with solid incentives.
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Research and development of prototype high sensitivity sensor for measurement of hydrogen sulphide gas as ideal indicator for monitoring and control of odors in wastewater network, vetting and wastewater pumping and tools needed modelling and control to minimize it impact on the environment.
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Today there are no good tools to help management handle and support underwater workers. This project aims at developing a demonstrator system that will give the managers on land full access to data from the divers and at the same time allow them to communicate easily
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.