Brightness Enhanced Multimode Laser System

Novel safe and rapid passenger and airport terminal scanner
25-April-2016 to 29-April-2016

Stockholm / Sweden

Setup under the frame of the EUREKA Swedish Chair (2015-2016), the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 in Stockholm combines the strategically important areas of the...

HIgh Sensitivity POlymer BiOSensor

BUPI – a long-acting lozenge with bupivacaine for pain relief of Oral Mucositis in cancer patients
09-September-2015 to 10-September-2015

Stockholm / Sweden

NLSDAYS 2015, the largest Life Science Invest and Partnering meeting in the Nordic region will attract the some of the world’s most innovative biotech, medtech...

Stockholm / Sweden

In the frame of the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 , EURIPIDES² and PENTA have organised a " Consortium Building Day " to help companies interested to start an...
28-April-2016 to 29-April-2016

Stockholm / Sweden

From April 28th, 1:30pm to April 29th, 3:00pm, the Celtic-Plus event, organised in the frame of the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 , will be an opportunity for...

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