Brussels / Belgium

The European Commission has organised this thematic information day for regional and national authorities, regional clusters and representatives of the agri-...

Demonstration and validation of a novel approach to European lobster aquaculture

Murcia / Spain

In the frame of the FA COST Action FA1305 , the EU Aquaponics Hub has organised this conference on aquaponics SMEs . The participants will learn from the...
11-October-2017 to 12-October-2017

Lisbon / Portugal

The 1st edition of this European event will provide a platform for a stimulating debate on innovation and digitisation in agriculture and rural areas . AIS...

Innovation in vegetable plant breeding by large scale deep phenotyping

Environment-friendly technology for collagen production from freshwater fish by-products

Alternative antifungal agents from natural sources for aquaculture and test methods for ecotoxicity and antifungal effects

Microbe-based organic cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops

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