Paris / France

The 3rd edition of this Bpifrance event will attract European entrepreneurs to discuss about challenges preparing companies for the world of tomorrow. The...
20-November-2017 to 21-November-2017

Strasbourg / France

This biannual World event is become an established forum for discussing and debating the latest global research, development, innovation and business issues...
27-March-2018 to 28-March-2018

Villepinte-Paris / France

This public and free event organised on a yearly basis by the European Commission and a Member State ( French Ministry of Economy and Finance for the 2018...

Development of CMTM6 inhibitors: Modulation of PDL1 for cancer treatment
12-December-2018 to 14-December-2018

Nancy / France

The IEF is an informal network of academics, policy makers and practitioners, who are brought together to discuss and interact with each other on issues...
09-July-2018 to 14-July-2018

Toulouse / France

The EuroScience Open Forum is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe. It is dedicated to scientific research and innovation and offers a...

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