Eurostars is coming back!

#aim even higher

Our Eurostars funding programme has some exciting new improvements!

Over the past 13 years of running our Eurostars programme, we learnt a thing or two and made some positive changes based on your feedback.

Here’s what’s new

We’re widening the reach of our funding programme from R&D-performing SMEs, large companies, universities and research organisations to include… innovative SMEs!

What does this mean for you?

If you are an SME with no previous R&D experience, but you have the ambition and capabilities to develop new products, processes and services, you will be eligible for funding.

  •  Lead an international consortium
  • Collaborate on market-driven R&D and innovation projects with like-minded partners
  • Grow your company

We encourage SMEs to #aimevenhigher by funding and supporting international R&D projects.

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