Network Projects

EUREKA Network Projects are transnational, market-driven innovative research and development projects. Projects supported by the public administrations and public funding agencies that representing EUREKA in each of its 40+ member countries.

The EUREKA "bottom-up" approach to project creation continues to be a characteristic which differentiates EUREKA from other similar initiatives. This approach allows the project consortia to define the nature of the technologies to be developed and how the project comes together. They agree upon the intellectual property rights and build partnerships, to share expertise and gain access to international markets with the results of their research.

EUREKA Network Projects are market-driven international R&D projects. They aim to develop marketable products, services or processes. Participation in international cooperation projects through EUREKA offers businesses, research institutes and higher education institutions a range of advantages.

EUREKA Network Projects are bottom-up and cover all technological areas with a civilian purpose. The participants are responsible for deciding on:

  • Topic and focus of the project
  • Content and choice of partner
  • Project planning and duration
  • Budget
  • IPR protection and exploitation of project results

EUREKA’s flexible, and decentralised approach allows for a short and concise application procedure with minimum reporting.

To set up a EUREKA Network Project there must be at least two partners from two different EUREKA countries. Partners can be of any type: SMEs, large companies, research institutions and universities.Our extensive National Project Coordinator network offers advice and support in looking for project partners, launching a project, drawing up a EUREKA proposal, finding funding and all other project-related matters. The Network also promotes project results once the product of research reaches the market. And all this in the applicant’s native language and within their cultural context.

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