Network Projects

What is a Network Project?

Network Projects are market-driven innovative R&D projects, devised and run by an international consortium. At Eureka, we label these projects, and project participants often find funding and support through the national innovation agencies and public administrations that make up the Eureka network.

Innovating - from the bottom up

The flexible ‘bottom-up’ nature of Network Projects continues to differentiate Eureka from others. ‘Bottom up’ means that the project consortium defines the technology to be developed and how the project comes together as a whole. The consortium also agrees upon the intellectual property rights and how the partnership is built; it agrees on the sharing of expertise. The consortium can take many forms, composed of small, medium or large companies; universities or research centres.

At Eureka, we believe this flexible approach is the best one to bring an innovation to the market quickly, efficiently and successfully.

Participants in Network Projects undertake the development of an innovation: a product, process or service for civilian purpose. Project participants tell us that they like the fast application procedure and the limited reporting; the support and advice they receive from their local Eureka representative is invaluable.

To find out more about the methodology behind Eureka Network Project assessment.

Eligibility criteria

Could my idea become a Eureka Network Project?

Yes! (As long as it conforms to our eligibility criteria.)

You must be able to answer ‘YES’ to all the following questions on your project idea:

  •  Does my project idea represent cooperation in the form of a specific project?
  •  Is the envisioned outcome a product, process or service?
  •  Will the envisioned outcome have a civilian/non-military purpose?
  •  Does my project idea include participants from at least two independent legal entities, where one of the entities is established in a Eureka country and the other is established in another Eureka country?

Participants from non-Eureka countries are welcome!

Are you based in a non-Eureka country? You can join a project, but only if two Eureka countries are already involved. Partners from non-Eureka countries must also declare an ability to self-fund their activities.

Where can I find more information?

At Eureka, our network of national project coordinators (NPC) offers advice and support in your own language and within your cultural context. Funding rules, regulations and procedures differ from country to country, so your NPC should be your first stop before embarking on your project. Find your national office here.

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