Polish call for projects

The call closes on 20 October 2023

The Polish national funding body has allocated funding for organisations collaborating on international R&D projects.

You can submit your R&D project application for this call for projects between 22 May 2023 and 20 October 2023. Your project consortium must include an organisation based in Poland and a Eureka country.

Participating Countries/Regions

  • Poland


The purpose of this scheme is to foster the participation of Polish undertakings in the Eureka programme which facilitates international R&D cooperation, in particular of SMEs, and thereby:

  • to increase the marketability of Polish enterprises,
  • to strengthen Polish participation on an international level, 
  • to foster R&D cooperation between Polish business and academia by supporting close-to-the-market projects, whereby prototypes or new products, technologies or services are developed,
  • to promote Polish participation in international R&D projects.


There are no restrictions as to thematic areas, providing the project is market-oriented and of civilian purpose. Polish support can be applied for by individual SMEs, groups of enterprises of which at least one is an SME or groups of entities of which at least one is an SME (group leader) and the other is a university or a research institute. Polish partners participating in the same international Eureka project shall apply for Polish funding by forming a group of entities/enterprises. Individual applications can be submitted by enterprises only. Only international projects are eligible for funding i.e. the project must be carried out by at least one Polish and one foreign enterprise.

Eligible activities

The following activities are eligible for funding in projects to be implemented under the Eureka programme:

  • eligible for individual funding: applied (industrial) research, experimental development
  • not eligible for individual funding: activities related to the publicity, coordination, market access, intellectual property rights of the project.


In order to achieve the objectives of the call NCBR provides a support of a total of PLN 5 million. Maximum funding per project is PLN 1,5 million, and no more than PLN 750,000 per entity within the project. The latter also refers to an individually applying SME.  Maximum state aid intensity levels can be found here (in Polish only).

For further information on the participation in the international Eureka programme check out the following websites or contact the Eureka National Project Coordinator. 


There are no downloadables yet for this call.
There are no downloadables yet for this call.

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