Innowwide is funded by the European Union as part of the European Partnership on Innovative SMEs.

Supporting SMEs going global

If you are an innovative SME, you can apply to Innowwide for a grant of 60,000 euro to assess the viability of your research or commercial ambitions in international markets.

We’re encouraging you to take your R&D to markets all over the world. Choose a target region and country and find a local counterpart.

co-funded by the european union

Your market feasibility project

Over a six-month period, you can:

  • conduct market feasibility studies for innovative projects or solutions and
  • work with local experts in your selected target country.


Innowwide can be a useful tool for your R&D journey:

  • As you develop your project idea, to assess whether your local partner (or subcontracted organisation) can cooperate with you in a future international R&D project
  • After successfully finishing your R&D project, to understand whether your product-, process- or service-market combination could be commercialised in your selected target market

Who can receive funding?

Funding is for SMEs in European Union Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries partnering with a counterpart in Africa, North and South America, the Middle East or Asia-Pacific.

Even though only SMEs in European Union Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries benefit from funding, you are allowed to subcontract to your partner in your selected target country.

Subcontracted partners sign a commitment before you submit your project application.

The first call...

This year, Innowwide will fund 50 projects (with up to 25 of those involving counterparts in Africa).

Apply to Innowwide