InvestHorizon Accelerator

InvestHorizon is an EU Commission-funded programme developed in collaboration with Eureka, which helps deep tech SMEs attract private investment and optimise relationships with private investors and key strategic partners.

Here you can find an overview of all the services InvestHorizon offers you.

  • 603M€ INVESTED

Open to all

InvestHorizon offers open access to webinars and online courses. These resources provide initial guidance for making your company more attractive to investors. Receive free access to:

  • a collection of training courses,
  • exclusive webinars and
  • other useful community resources.

The InvestHorizon Accelerator

Your company can benefit from the InvestHorizon Accelerator, with free services and training speeding your access to Series A investment.

The company selection process for the InvestHorizon Accelerator takes only two weeks from the application deadline. Each successful applicant receives a personalised action plan and is assigned an expert mentor to support them throughout. Your action plan may consist of:

  • A 3-day bootcamp of workshops and peer reviews
  • 7 trust group sessions (trust groups are formed of participants and their mentors based on thematic area or the stage of your company’s development)
  • Coaching academies to refine your pitching

You will be mentored to maximise your potential to attract private investment before being introduced to venture capitalists in sector-focused pitching forums.

You can apply for the InvestHorizon Accelerator if you:

  • qualify as an innovative and high-growth potential SME (EU definition) developing products or services in the field of deep tech,
  • are based in a Eureka country or a Horizon2020 country or associated country,
  • are seeking Series A investment of minimum 2.5 million euro and have already raised a minimum of 250,000 euro of seed funding or 500,000 euro in public grants or loans in the last three years and
  • have a business angel or financial advisor who can accompany you on your InvestHorizon journey.

The first step

The InvestHorizon website details how your company can from partnerships with corporate venture capitalists and enter new marktets

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