Cancer therapy / diagnostic and cardiovascular imaging

The aim of the project is to research and develop novel
biomolecules for use in the diagnosis of cancer and
cardiovascular disorders and the therapy of cancer.

This project is aimed at developing novel molecules of mouse and human origin for use in the diagnosis and therapy of diseases, in particular, cardiovascular and cancer. Antibody cells producing cells (B-cells) will be isolated from patients who are in clinical remission from their cancer and who have elevated immune responses to their turnover antigens. The genes coding for immunoglobulin variable regions will be isolated and amplified in order to obtain libraries of antibody binding sites. These variable region genes will be ligated into an expression vector for the production of recombinant antibody molecules. DNA sequences from these genes will be recorded on a database which will in turn be used to generate small consensus sequences. Using these sequences, peptides will be produced and screened for their binding to tumour-samples. Having derived peptide sequences of those active peptides, degenerate phage libraries will be made in order to produced increased affinity peptides for clinical use. This degenerate phage library will also be used to select high affinity peptides for use in thrombus imaging. This research should provide molecules which have many advantages over those currently used which include reduced cost and reduced immunogenicity when used in vivo and a biodistribution which leads to a more rapid and sensitive diagnosis.
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1 023
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6 580 000.00€
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