A chronic neurological disease monitoring service for healthcare professionals

The goal is to develop innovative health services for health care professionals to help them prevent and monitor patients suffering from chronic neurological diseases by combining strong points from south korea in electronics and switzerland in health data analysis.

The management by health care professionals of chronic disease is undergoing a significant revolution with which transforms the essense of health care from reactive to preventive medicine. Indeed, instead of waiting until the patient reaches a strong health decline, the modern medicine will be Personalized, Predictive, Preventive and Participatory (P4). In this project, we aim at developing an innovative service using algorithmic, visualization tools and enhanced biomarkers to help health care professionals focusing on a better management of medication, integrated diagnosis and prevention of chronic diseases namely Alzheimer, Parkinson and Depression. The key benefits are: - Early detection of chronic diseases and less expensive treatment (prevention) - Minimize negative drug reactions and diseases worsening by a better health state monitoring (predictive) - Adapt the medication and care plan in time to optimize treatment (personalized) - Keep the patients longer at home by proactive monitoring and remote communication between doctor and patients when an alert is triggered (participatory) Ultimately, the economic goals are to delay and avoid hospitalizations, enables early release from hospital and stay at home as long as possible in a secure environment. In the project, medical research partners in both countries will bring strategic competencies in neuroscience, geriatric care and risk management. In addition to medical collaboration, a technological platform will be implemented on top of existing DomoSafety infrastructure and HIDEA electronics integrating vital signs sensors namely wearable device gathering gait speed and activity. A full data set in real time will be then at disposal for all partners of the project enabling to design smart algorithmic to assess biomarkers for given pathologies (example: symptomatic combination of increased urination frequency and unusual sleep cycles could point to a higher risk of development of a Parkinson disease). All partners have a successful track records in grant applications through CTI or SNSF in Switzerland and KIAT in Korea and are committed to this cooperation project. Moreover, the consortium covers the whole value chain from the patients to the health care professionals including technologies and field study.
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