Development hfd (hand free display) for csf(connected smart factory) : safety-linker(tm)

Development of a multi-function smart hand-free display system for connected smart factory
- micro display of compact size, lightness, low power consumption
- sensor modules for vital conditions and ambient air quality

A HFD system to be developed in this proposed project, based on augment reality (AR) provides workers with various important informations such as vision, vital conditions and air quality of working ambient. As as result, it improves working environment and increases working efficient. This system can communicate with sensors at a factory or a working site, and finally realize a CSF(connected Smart Factory This system(HFD) consists of, 1. Micro display : LCoS panel (1st step : 800X600, 2nd step : 720p),Virtual image size of 25 inches 2. Micro Optics : aspherical, DOE 3. CMOS image sensor : low, Illumination (< 0.01lux) CMOS image sensor for vision monitoring 4. Sensor : ambient gas sensing for air quality monitoring, sensing of body temperature, heart beat rate, blood pressure and others for vital condition monitoring, and gyro/GPS sensors for position monitoring 5. Wireless communications : Bluetooth or Wifi , Beacon communication module 6. AR(Augmented Reality) A HFD consists of micro display panel, optics and driving circuits. The micro display is based on an LCoS with a diagonal size below 1inch, and images are controlled by its driving circuit. Micro optics are applied to magnify a small image below 1inch to a large image over 25 inches ; magnification of 40x to 100x which can be controlled by design to fit application It is attached on a worker's helmet and displays AR (argument reality) data, alarm signals and various informations provided from a main server via a smart phone. Therefore the workers can check the various situation data with a HFD The data from the sensors and the camera are transported to the main server via a smart phone and stored in it. And the informations needed to the workers can be extracted to the HFD via a smart phone by bluetooth or wifi. A HFD system is wirelessly connected to a smart phone and can communicate with the main server by a bluetooth of WiFi. A Beacon technology is adapted in this work to recognize the worker's position. A Wifi application will be developed to play a role of bi- directional wireless communication between a HFD and a main server. The transported data include; - Real - time vision data of the working surround from the camera attached to the worker - The worker's body condition informations detected from the sensors - Air quality informations detected from gas sensors - Audio communication between the worker and the control tower or other. - Other visual informations for factory or work , such as a working manual, design drawing or map and others. The worker's body conditions, including body temperature, heart- beat rate, blood pressure and others, are transported to the main server and in case of emergency or abnormality the main server activates a warning alarm of the worker's HFD. When needing some information such as manual or document at a working site, the worker can receive it from the main server and make it visualize by AR technology to be developed in this work.
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