Robust high speed x-ray fluorescence (hsxrf) sensor for industrial and vehicular applications

This project involves the evaluation of a new generation of x-ray fluorescence (xrf) detector with further design improvement to be incorporated into minesenses tehnologies high speed xrf (hsxrf) sensor technology

MineSense™ Technologies Ltd. (MTL) is a British Columbia-based technology development and marketing company that enhances the sustainability of mining by improving the ore extraction and recovery process. MineSense provides a proven platform for the sensing and sorting of low-grade ore to an unprecedented level of precision. Through the application of our pre-concentration methodology, the MineSense Solution can provide up to 20% margin enhancement due to decreased requirements for energy, water and chemicals. As the emerging leader in mineral telemetry and ore upgrading solutions worldwide, MineSense has developed a pre-concentration methodology that: -Improves the economics of mining low-grade ores -Rejects barren waste from valuable minerals at an early stage of the mining process -Offers a combination of ground-penetrating and other sensor technology that measure and report the grade of ore in real time -Integrates with material handling equipment such as shovels, scoops, belt conveyors, feeders and chutes -Facilitates decision support aimed at maximizing resource conversion and metal recovery. Our proprietary High Frequency Electromagnetic Spectrometry (HFEMS) and High Speed X-Ray Fluorescence (HSXRF) sensors not only offer better sensitivity, but more importantly, they operate at high speeds which support real-time processing at commercially relevant throughput for the mining industry. This project will consist of two phases. The first phase involves the evaluation of a prototype of a new generation XRF detector from KETEK GmbH, that promises to deliver greater quality of data and faster spectrum capture rate than currently available to MTL. MTL will integrate the detector with their product test platforms and perform system level testing to verify speed and signal quality improvements. In addition, Ketek will consider implementing mechanical improvements to enhance robustness of their product. The second phase of the project will involve selection and implementation of more robust industrial communications protocols and electrical interfaces suitable for harsh environmental applications found in the mining industry. In addition, Ketek will consider design improvements to extend the operating temperature range and software enhancements to provide additional sensor health data. MTL will perform system level quality and robustness testing on their product.
Project ID: 
10 382
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
680 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Mining Technologies
Market Area: 
Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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