Integrated virtual machining in cam and machine tool simulation environment

Optimal tool path generation parameters will be predicted with a new machining wizard. Cnc trajectory generation will be developed to predict the actual feeds. Both will be integrated to appspro - cutpro machining kernels, whcih will be embedded to cam system kernel to achieve optimal machining.

MAL Inc. I- Development of Machining Wizard 1- Design “Machining Wizard” software which reads the tool geometry, tool wear (Taylor Tool life) parameters, part material, machine tool’s torque-power- dynamic stiffness-speed-feed from a data base. 2- Create a machine tool and cutting tool data base architecture which is compatible with the data bases of major tool manufacturers such as Sandvik Coromant. The objective is to allow major tool builders to used “Machining Wizard” with their data base. 3- Improve the accuracy of process simulation functions by expanding the mechanics, dynamics, tool geometry modules of AppsPro. 4- Streamline AppsPro (CAM based process simulation kernel)developed in the previous EUROKA project) functions so that they can be linked to machining wizard with computational efficiency. 5- Add Finite Element based modeling of tool and holder, and couple their structural dynamics via receptance coupling method. Calculate the Frequency Response Function (FRF), and integrate it to modal analysis module of CUTPRO and Machining Wizard. FRF is used to predict the chatter free conditions and vibration amplitudes. 6- Test the machining wizard and benchmark it against existing machining condition optimizers that do not use metal cutting mechanics and dynamics. II- Integration of AppsPro for CATIA 7- Streamline AppsPro machining process kernel library modules for more computationally efficient software tools. 8- Streamline AppsPRO – CAM communication protocols using TCP IP standards. 9- Integrate AppsPro into CATIA CAM system’s application environment using CATIA’s software library modules. 10- Use Moduleworks cutter-part engagement function within CATIA software environment 11- Develop user interface for NC programmers to use AppsPro within CATIA environment. III- Development of Virtual CNC Functions in CAM Environment 12- Integrate velocity, acceleration and jerk (i.e. trajectory) profiles of CNCs into Machine Tool Data base. 13- Develop 2,3, 4 and 5 axis trajectory profiling algorithms for multi-axis machining. Use generic Bell shape exponential trajectory, which is common in Fanuc, Heidenhein and Siemens CNC systems. 14- Compute actual tangential feed speed along the NC tool path by considering trajectory profiles of the specific CNC. 15- Develop actual cycle time prediction algorithm by considering both trajectory profile of the CNC and tool path geometry. 16- Test CATIA AppsPro CAM system in 5 axis machining of parts at Pratt & Whitney Canada and ASCO Aerospace. MODULEWORKS 1- Create an interface between “Machining Wizard” and Moduleworks Kernel so that speed, depth, width and feed can be used automatically in generating NC tool paths. 2- Create a function within Moduleworks to accept part geometry and tool path from CATIA 3- Create an interface between Moduleworks Tool Path kernel and CNC trajectory generation module which will be developed by MAL Inc. 4- Improve the computational speed and accuracy of its Tool-Workpiece engagement functions.
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10 387
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510 000.00€
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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