Development and launch of a new pyrethroid for crop protection

To produce a new synthetic pyrethroid comprising 4 isomers
of the 8 in cypermethrin. To develop a continuous process
constituting a real innovation at pilot plant scale.

- BETAMETHRIN is an overall marketing project for a new pyrethroid insecticide, Beta-Cypermethrin (The Pesticide Manual 9th Edition p.212), developed and patented by CHINOIN. - The project includes: - Development of a process & a pilot plant study. - Development of commercial formulations. - Registration of files. The developed process will make possible a switch from the present batch process to a new already patented continuous process which, alone, can meet the necessary economic requirements for quality, capacity and output. The pilot plant will study production parameters, recycling of solvents and reagents and toxic waste handling. The active substance production capacity is planned at 200 to 300 tons per year. The formulations to be developed for ground and aerial sprays aim at increasing efficacy, reducing skin irritation hazards and being more respectful of the environment. Obtaining sales approval (registration) requires a considerable amount of research including toxicological, ecotoxicological, metabolism and residual studies as well as biological experiments to be carried out in many countries. - The total project will also include: - Industrial facilities and production - Commercial launch. 
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1 051
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8 610 000.00€
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