Medical intelligence software development and implementation

Development of a gut microbiome based nutrition-therapy application to prevent and treat diabetes and insulin resistance

Metabolic diseases (incl obesity and type 2 diabetes) are among the biggest challenges of public health in the developed world. Recent scientific evidence suggests that specific changes in the composition of the gut microbiome plays an important role in the pathogenesis of this diseases closely related to dietary habits and lifestyle (incl. physical activity, sleeping pattern, stress, etc). With the help of cutting edge, high throughput molecular genetic tests thousands of the individual bacterial species of the gut microbiome can be identified in a quantitative manner from one small stool sample that enables personalized mapping of the diversity and precise composition of the gut microbiome. The project aims to analyze specific changes of the gut microbiome in metabolic disorders and develop a dynamic medical decision support application that can track changes of the gut microbiome related to individual lifestyle interventions. Our aim is to develop an algorithm based on real-life patient inputs related to diet and exercise to highlight the most effective lifestyle interventions and to provide personalized recommendations. A data-cloud will be used to collect the quantitative genetic analysis of the gut microbiome of each individual patient and correlate with standard disease specific medical test results as well as lifestyle parameters (incl diet and exercise). The cloud intelligence will analyze the changes of any biological test results measured and analyze correlations with the specific lifestyle parameters in order to provide the recommendations based on the similarity of the personalized patterns. In parallel with the increase of the number of patients and datasets available, and using up-to-date scientific results published the algorithm will be able to provide continuously improving, personalized recommendations for physicians, dieticians and physiotherapists with regard to each individual patient. The program shall provide preliminary evidence how personalized lifestyle interventions can provide targeted treatment strategies for metabolic disorders in a cost effective way through the induced changes in the gut microbiome.
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10 714
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450 000.00€
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Computer Technology/Graphics, Meta Computing
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