Holistic environment for advanced vibro-acoustic engineering for non-specialists

To advance the current paradigm of the (vibro-)acoustic simulation tools from the "specialist engineering" position to the "generalist engineering" position, therefore tackle a considerably larger market.

In today's Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) world, the team of engineers have to make decisions in every step of the production that should comply with numerous performance criteria regarding mechanical attributes. It becomes evident that integrated multi-attribute performance evaluation is the key for improving the efficiency during this stage. To answer the needs of today's industry, CAE environments started to evolve into unified solutions; where the same environment can be used efficiently for simulation of various different mechanical attributes. Siemens Simcenter platform is a frontier in this new endeavor and proposes a unique offering with its wide range of CAE capabilities. Vibro-acoustic performance is one of the prominent mechanical attributes that requires careful consideration from CAE engineers; not only for producing high-quality products, but also for reducing noise pollution around living habitats. Consequently, CAE tools for vibro-acoustics have received considerable attention over the years and have reached a market size of 30 Million Euros/year today. Despite the attention to the field and the expanding size of the market, vibro-acoustic simulations have retained a "specialist" status, where expert engineers and most often, dedicated/stand-alone software are needed. As Siemens is presently integrating advanced acoustic simulation tools from its LMS Virtual.Lab acoustic solver into its Siemens Simcenter platform, there appears a huge opportunity for acoustics field to address a wider audience. As such, the main goal of the HEAVENS project is to advance the current paradigm of the (vibro-) acoustic simulation tools from the "specialist engineering" position to the "generalist engineering" position. SISW and MAYA have partnered to achieve this goal, while collaborating predominantly on the model preparation and meshing technologies, tailored specifically for acoustic applications.
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10 717
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1 390 000.00€
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Mechanical Engineering
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