Development and commercialization of high grade calcium silicate from mineral deposit located in kingston,ontario,canada

Prove commercial scale economics & viability of new beneficiation approach for the production of high grade calcium silicate from a world class resource located in kingston, ontario.

This project is based on high quality Calcium Silicate mineral deposit located in Seeley's Bay, Ontario, Canada, and two companies; Nordkalk Corporation and 2005948 Ontario Limited Ltd. (working under tradename of Canadian Wollastonite), having congruent target to develop this deposit into world scale commercial operation. Nordkalk is a large mining company having its operations in Northern Europe (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Poland). The company is the leading producer of limestone based products in its main market area, and the only producer of Calcium Silicate with own raw material source within Europe. Nordkalk has extensive experience from global calcium silicate markets, and has been operating its Lappeenranta operation for calcium silicate since early 1970's. At current Nordkalk exports calcium silicate to all continents, having its main market in Europe. Nordkalk's calcium silicate products are mainly used in demanding applications such as; Plastics and Rubber, Paints and Coatings and Sanitaryware Ceramic Glazing. Company has interest of developing its calcium silicate business, but has limitations in terms of raw material availability and quality for certain market areas. Canadian Wollastonite (CW) is a small start up mining company in Seeley's Bay, that owns rights for world class calcium silicate deposit. CW has recently obtained all necessary permits to start mining in the deposit and has developed local markets for run of mine products (aggregates). Realizing the potential of the deposit, but having insufficient experience from calcium silicate processing, market and assets, CW is seeking an industrial partner to develop the project into world class calcium silicate operation. Co-operation with Nordkalk fits well into this scope. The deposit has been extensively studied in early 1990's by US Borax (subsidiary of Rio Tinto Zinc), after which Mr. Bob Vasily, and later CW, has developed the project, ending to positive mining and production permitting in late 2012. The deposit is estimated to include 9 Million Tons of ore, with 41 % calcium silicate content. Parties estimate that this reserve shall be sufficient for long term industrial production. The tightening CO2 regulations are expected to have positive effect into long term industrial demand of Calcium bearing silicate minerals, such as calcium silicate (CaSiO3). The project is planned to be executed in three phases; 1) Process optimization; 2) Pilot Plant Testing, and 3) Commercialization. Parties are seeking funding assistance for the first two phases. Process optimization shall include proof of metallurgical results from CW's prior process development work, process optimization using generic flotation offsets to reduce cost and simplify flotation steps, and separation of diopside as a second primary product of CW's ore. Process optimization will be done through third party laboratories and process consultants. Pilot plant testing will follow process optimization and involve the demonstration of the refined benefaction process on a continuous operating basis, provide commercial product samples for testing and commercial acceptance, and provide important engineering details for the construction of a commercial plant. After successful execution of first two phases, and market potential verification, the parties aim to build an industrial scale calcium silicate production plant.
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10 723
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540 000.00€
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Chemicals and Materials

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