New treatment for rape seeds based on collagen hydrolysates,in order to increase drought resistance of rape seedling

Making new products and technology for pelleting rape seeds, based on collagen hydrolysates, in order to increase the resistance to drought and to pests during germination of seeds and emergence of seedlings.

Rape crop represents the main oil crop cultivated in Europe, and one which is suitable for production of bio-diesel. The surface area have been increased in the last decade. Rape crop is an economical competitive crop which could bring a good yield and a good profit to farmers. Due to its biological particularities the rape crop is at the same time the highest risky crop in Europe, especially due to lower percent of emerged plants after sowing or due to lower hardiness during winter. The goal of COLL-RAPE project is to develop a new technology for coating rape seeds, in order to increase the resistance to drought during germination of seeds and emergence of seedlings. If the rape crop has an uniform emergence, it could have the possibility to accumulate enough useful temperature before wintering in order to increase the resistance to wintering. In that way the rape crop will meet the agronomic demands of farmers, and the risk of crop will increase considerably. At the same time the yield of rape crop will be more predictive, the yield will become more constant, and the quantity of harvest will increase. The project consortium led by Romanian breeding company Probstdorfer Saatzucht Romania SRL (PSRO), combines knowledge and expertise in the field of crop management, seed production and multiplication, seed breeding, product quality testing, biometrics and statistical genetics. The approach of new coating of rape seeds using collagen hydrolysates will be applied for the first time in Europe to increase yield on the market in as short time as possible. In support of this purpose, new techniques for refining and conditioning extracts collagen will be used to induce specific features for new types of collagen additives required for pelleting rape seeds. The results, if positive, could then be adapted and extended also to the mustard crop. After establishing the biotechnologies for preparation of bioactive fertilizers used for coating of rape seeds, work package led by ICPI, the new products will be tested in field by PSRO and USAMV. Based on the results of these activities ICECHIM will design the new products for pelleting rape seeds, based on collagen hydrolysates. The Polish partners will establish the indexes for manufacturing of the new products which have to answer to farmers' requirements regarding disease, insect attack, increasing the growing rate in first vegetative phenophase, in order to obtain an all-in-one product for coating rape seeds. The SMEs from Poland will integrate the new designed product in production. COLL-RAPE integrates multi-environmental field testing of new coating material in two countries from EU, with the newest advanced technologies in seed coating, in order to provide robust seedling in field with high resistance to abiotic and biotic stress. With the most advanced products, market shall be reached within two years after project completion. The new products developed could be marketed in all EU countries, due to common market rules, in order to increase the yield of rape crop at European level. This project will deliver novel scientific results for rape growing, in general, especially in the first phenophases of development. Collaboration of all eight participants in varying combination within six work packages allows a straight-forward approach to our goal of providing high quality rape seed treatments. Benefits will be shared by means of license agreements. Short term expected results: New product for pelleting of rape seed, developed by consortium and integrated in production by SME from Poland; Medium term expected results: -New product for pelleting seed for rape crop, registered in UE selling in Poland by SME from Poland, and in Romania by PSRO (selling of rape seed treated with third product). -Increasing of incomes of the SMEs from Poland and PSRO, and increasing market share; -Reducing the quantity of rape seed per Ha; -Reducing the risk on non-emerging of rape crop due to drought of soil during rape sowing season; -Increasing rape crop yield.
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10 760
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940 000.00€
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Seed coating
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