Absorption heat pump

Research and development of absorption heat pumps and heat
transformers for industrial use and high power applications.
prototypes to be adapted into market product

The aim of the project is the research, development and industrialisation of absorption heat pumps (PACA, type I) and heat transformers (PACA, type II) for industrial use and high power applications. The partners initiating the project have carried out and are pursuing studies and research on the relevant technologies, resulting in the development of prototypes which they wish to transform into products adapted to the European market, by pooling their skills. The project will be developed through the following phases: Phase I: study of technical and economic feasibility of the products. This phase has been concluded. Phase 2: various studies supplementing those carried out by the partners and corresponding to the different types of products retained. Phase 3: construction and tests of 1 or 2 demonstrators for each type of product as well as initial industrial output, namely a qualification pre-production series, utilising the know-how and the results of the preceding series, with corresponding value analyses and integration studies (former Phases 3 and 4).
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10 000 000.00€
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