Welded plate and shell heat exchanger

Development and testing of heat exchanger for one and two-
phase applications, particularly refrigeration.
evaporator/condenser for ammoniac and comparison with

1. Target: The target of the PSHE project is to develop and calculate the performance of a new exchanger which will be especially suitable in two-phase technology. On the basis of the test results, a computer program will be designed which will calculate how the heat exchanger performs under all kinds of conditions. 2. Background: The welded heat exchanger, which has significant advantages over existing exchangers, is the basis for the project, viz: - welded plate structure - small size - high heat transfer technology. Evaporators and condensers in refrigeration equipment will become a particular problem in the future because international contracts will limit the use of freons (or partially ban them). These will be replaced by ammoniac, about which the manufacturer and end-user have very little knowledge. Two significant European refrigeration companies have been found to participate in this project. They both have experience in refrigeration calculations/applications and a secure market area. At the end of the project, these companies will be immediately able to market the application worldwide. 3. Calculations and Analysis of the Results: The project will be divided into two parts and the calculation tasks will be shared: - ammoniac evaporator/condenser test calculations will be carried out in SWITZERLAND - comparing freon evaporator/condenser calculations will be carried out in the U.K. - liquid/liquid calculations will be carried out in FINLAND by VAHTERUS OY. The calculation results will be collected and analysed in FINLAND in collaboration with the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in TAMPERE. Based on the results, a computer program will be designed capable of calculating the performance of the heat exchanger under all refrigeration conditions. 4. Utilising the Results: On the basis of the project results, a new heat exchanger can be produced which will be particularly appropriate for refrigeration use. The product will make the heat pump more efficient and enable the evaporator/condenser structure using ammoniac to be both safer and more economic in use.
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1 090
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400 000.00€
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