Mobile robot for remote surveillance

Mobile robot development, industrialisation and sale for
tele-surveillance purposes

The MITHRA project is concerned with the development, industrialisation and sale of mobile remote surveillance and emergency robots within and around specific sites: houses, factories, tertiary industries, etc. Applications: These will be specified by a detailed study of the market (in progress). At the outset, the range will include 3 families: "A" Robots (use by personnel with little specialist knowledge): internal surveillance of office and public buildings. Surveillance, (intrusions, fire, water damage, lighting, air-conditioning, etc.) without direct action on the environment. "B" Robots (use by specialised personnel): surveillance and information gathering in the industrial environment: factories, refineries, monitoring, etc. "C" Robots (use by highly specialised teams): emergency action - action (in the event of fire, chemical or nuclear hazards, salvage, etc.) in an environment which has suffered little damage but has a high hazard potential.
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26 800 000.00€
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