Concept for logistical and environmental disassembly technologies

Development of new types of technological solutions for the
re-use of components as well as the avoidance of waste for
products composed predominantly of electric and electronic

The aim of the "CLEANTECH" project is to find new technological solutions for the re-use of components and sub-assemblies as well as reduce waste for products with mainly electrical and electronic components. The main areas to be investigated are appliances driven by electric motors, such as electric tools, household goods and printers. The solutions should be alternatives to the current practices of depositing, destruction or utilisation. The project is divided into the following phases: 1. Definition: In the Definition Phase, the environmentally-relevant influential factors will be analysed with regard to economic and ecologically sensitive disassembly. The results as regards product design, disassembly technology and disposal economics will be documented. 2. Implementation: This project phase is divided into research, development and initial exploitation. 2.1. The Research Phase: The Research Phase has the aim of developing re-use strategies for complex technical consumer goods. During this the various types of re-use and further use will be considered following VDI 2243. General weak points of current complex technical consumer goods and possible solutions will be pointed out. An information store will be created for the documentation and archiving of the knowledge gained here, which will quickly and comprehensively make various re-use methods for later products available. Therefore, economically sensible re-use strategies for certain components will be able to be assigned. 2.2. The Development Phase: The aim of the Development Phase is the development of disassembly technologies as well as the development and construction of products (prototypes) with a high capability to be re-used and recycled. During the development of the prototypes, the results and conclusions of the preceding work step will be verified in the form of special design drawings and prototypes, which will then also become available for further disassembly operations. At the introduction of new disassembly technologies, compatible handling elements and peripheral components will be developed for disassembly plants with different system structures. 2.3 Initial Exploitation: The aim of the initial exploitation is to establish and test a pilot dissassembly plant for the prototype developed in 2.2. The results of the Development Phase will be tested in this plant and conclusions regarding the goals of the Development Phase will be drawn.
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3 770 000.00€
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