Film production management software

4film is a unique software platform for the organisation and project management of audiovisual works that enables the automatisation of the entire production cycle and facilitates an efficient collaboration and communication between all partners on the project.

4Film is a collaborative tool for the joint organisation and execution of the film production process by all parties inherently involved in producing a film. 4Film will offer its clients the possibility of multiple project management, i.e. the possibility of handling an unlimited number of projects and building their own company database that will enable tracing/transferring and reusing information as well as advanced reporting capabilities across the client's slate of projects. In short, 4Film will focus on those film production processes that improve organizational efficiency, reduce error rates and consequently, provide the client with realistic and measurable savings, while remaining easy to use, affordable and flexible enough to adjust to each company’s business practice preferences. 4Film is conceived with a view to achieving maximum impact and optimized effects on the global market and is based on the existing experience of the partners in the global film, software and IT solution industry. It covers the entire process of film production, linking it into a coherent whole, a well-managed and controlled hierarchical involvement of each production stage and department in the whole process. This guarantees the traceability of the production cycle processes, enables a good definition of individual processes and their integration into a coherent whole, control over the implementation of these processes and their improvement in order to maximize and optimize the effects. 4Film will offer full integration with other film budgeting/scheduling formats, a document distribution platform for the entire crew (with customizable access rights), a fully functioning and film-specific accounting software at a simple, no-hidden cost flat fee for the entire software. In addition to the option of importing, adjusting or creating the budget, 4Film will offer the possibility to actualize on it, allowing users to track their budget against actual spending. With the help of built-in tools, 4Film will enable users with such access rights to see exactly what they've spent and how it affects their budget – users will be able to create and track purchase orders, petty cash envelops, payrolls and other expenditure. In addition, it will offer a document distribution feature, with enhanced collaborative capabilities the former lacks. In practical terms, this means that head of departments will be able to upload data directly and contribute by providing the necessary input from their respectable departments/assignments. The film industry currently does not have a product that would connect all phases and aspects (cycles) typical for a film production as well as all departments included in this process. Each department and production company is currently using either several specialized IT solutions or no solution at all. With its ability to import/export data from/to different formats and sources, the application can be easily integrated into any work process, improving the data flow and also the work flow. Therefore, the product is a well-conceived 360 degrees solution for film production, filling a current gap in IT solutions catering to the global film production industry. By working together on 4Film,enhancing and adjusting the software's capabilities and features to their daily operational needs, the partners have a chance to continuously improve their position and competitiveness on the market, which, in turn, will open up new possibilities to both partners for further expansion to other segments of the industry: distribution and exhibition, TV and commercial production, stand-alone apps for individual users, customiseable solutions for film funds, etc. Moreover, 4Film can be easily adapted to fit any other project-oriented commercial industry, public sector, goverment and non-goverment organization. With minor changes in the data structure, naming of the processes and localization, the partners can create further solutions based on 4film. This will ensure the development of new sustainable solutions, company growth and expansion to new markets, and consequently the possibility to employ new skilled professionals, as well as to expand their knowledge-base through long-term relationships and new potential partnerships.
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11 145
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600 000.00€
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Computer Software technology
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