Development of multi-layer film based on eco-friendly composites for packaging and electronic film applications

Using cellulose material to develop film with high gas and water barrier property for packaging application and also develop film with multi functions such as emi shielding for electronic applications

Currently regarding electric and electronic devices for IT, transport, home appliances technological trends show integration and convergence of multi functions. As such more electromagnetic interference (EMI) arises and issue related to EMI with regard to human health increases. In this regard World Health Organization(WHO) delegate International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) has declared the EMI fields from mobile phones a cause for cancer. Therefore worldwide the standards regarding EMI are increasing and rising in levels. Also due to slimmer thickness trend of mobile devices, each functional part is being integrated into module based functions this in turn requires Electromagnetic isolation from nearby modules to prevent interference. Currently various EMI films and plastic parts are used in mobile phones. To reduce the thickness while maintaining various electronic functions it is required to reduce the layers of film used. Therefore to meet the requirement of slim thickness with EMI performance the need of a film with integrated functions is needed. Regarding packaging film there are several issues with current products such as high cost with aluminum coating and multi processes involving lamination of films applying adhesives. Therefore need for integrated packaging film to meet low costs while fulfilling gas, water barrier properties is of great demand. Cellulose material has high gas barrier properties comparable to PVDC and EVOH resins but low water barrier properties. Also there is a continuous demand for lighter, stronger and cheaper composite materials in, for example automotive, electronics and packaging industry. Environmental issues have grown in their importance and natural materials are gaining popularity compared to plastics due to their recyclability and sustainability. Additionally some natural materials, like rare woods used in musical instruments and furniture, are becoming endangered and increasingly expensive and thus a replacement for them is sought. Sustainable natural fiber reinforced composites have struggled to take a substantial share of the market due to issues including their stability, weaker performance and processability when compared to traditional glass- and mineral-filled composites. The structural strength has been poor, and associated poor reproducibility has thus prevented the use of natural fiber reinforced composites in demanding applications. This project is proposed thus to meet the above requirements, firstly special additives for selective metallic patterning will be developed and integrated into film processing for EMI solutions and additives to enable gas and water barrier properties will be formulated, next research on additives to increase thin film formability will be conducted to obtain multi layered film, lastly bio based composite consisting of cellular fibers and eco friendly resins will be developed for thin and function integrated film for packaging and EMI shielding multi-layer films for electronic applications. Also research into coating cellular fibers with special additives to increase dispensability, flame retardant property and selective metallic patterning will be conducted. The potential benefits of the joint international collaboration will be promotion of developed product in Europe and Asian markets for the Turkish and Korean company. The total development time line for the project will be for 36 months, start at TRL Level 4 which is lab scale material, film core property evaluation and finish at TRL 6 level which is pilot scale product development and evaluation. The developed technologies will also benefit the involved companies to expand their portfolio into applications such as high heat conductive back plane for display, electronic housing, 3 dimensional complex electronic circuits etc.
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11 148
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2 400 000.00€
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Electronic circuits, components and equipment
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