Low cost,low energy treatment of industrial high salinity waters through canadian and spanish clean tech collaboration

High impact industrial wastewater treatment project that will lower costs, reclaim water, stabilize contaminants from entering into the environment, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposed project brings together two internationally recognized industrial water treatment companies, Saltworks Technologies Inc. (Saltworks) from Canada and Condorchem Envitech (Condorchem) from Spain, to conduct high impact research and development (R&D) with an immediate market focus that will provide a sustainable solution to end-of-pipe disposal. End-of-pipe disposal refers to the most challenging to treat highly concentrated waters, which are often incinerated, trucked and injected down a deep well, or left in evaporation ponds. Saltworks (industrial scale, North America) and Condorchem (factory scale, Europe) are both leaders in on-site treatment of these waters. Our evaporation systems often employ waste heat to beneficially recover water, limiting or replacing the GHG emissions associated with off-site trucked disposal, and saving industrial customers from expensive disposal bills. The two companies will refine, crosshybridize and adapt their thermal water treatment technologies for each other’s respective markets. Condorchem seeks to adopt and adapt Saltworks’ SaltMaker product for the European market. Saltworks seeks to hybridize with Condorchem’s small scale crystallizer to boost the SaltMaker's capacity and to adapt their product to Europe’s higher energy price environment. The teams will collaborate to provide a hybridized product with increased performance (capacity), energy efficiency, improved economics for the customer and increased market reach. A Saltworks-Condorchem collaboration project plan is included as an attachment that provides more details. A successful project will result in: (1) increased economic and job growth in a global multibillion dollar per year saline wastewater treatment industry, (2) possible lead position in a market segment that currently has no incumbent player and faces notable economic and technical challenges, (3) reduced wastewater treatment costs, (4) increased recovery of water, (5) permanent stabilization of contaminants of concern from entering into the environment, and (6) reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Both Canada and Spain’s larger continental markets will benefit in the research and development of a wastewater treatment technology, with Canada and Spain benefiting directly through export of high technology products in a rapidly growing market – treatment of severely impacted waters. In addition to the collaborative cross hybridization of each other’s products to expand geographic market reach, Saltworks will complete high impact research and development of a solution to fill a very critical gap facing the global industrial water treatment industry: what to do with the concentrated waste products generated by water treatment processes. Industry is simply trucking and disposing these brines in injection wells, spending lots of money on a process that loses a freshwater resource and emits GHGs from trucking. There currently is no economic, safe, and permanent disposal alternative to injection wells. Saltworks’ Advanced Solidification Process (ASP) is the solution for true zero liquid discharge (trueZLD). The proposed ASP technology can take highly concentrated brine, for example from the SaltMaker and Condorchem’s crystallizers, and produce solid blocks for safe, lasting, and economic non-hazardous landfill disposal. The ASP will solidify and encapsulate the brine’s contaminants of concern for permanent prevention of release back to the environment. Saltworks’ ASP research will focus on brines with highly leachable ions, such as chloride, cyanide, and nitrate. Common practice consists of using cement, lime, and/or fly ash to form a solid. However, the above mentioned ions are highly soluble in water allowing it to migrate through the formed solid (i.e., “leaches out”). The R&D project will develop a new recipe of additives that permanently solidifies and encapsulates leachable ions. Additional research on the SaltMaker will also be completed that benefits ASP, such as integration of the two technologies to use waste heat from the SaltMaker for expedited ASP curing. Saltworks and Condorchem are at the forefront of these ZLD projects and see the opportunity to dominate a market segment in the industrial wastewater treatment sector. We are recognized experts in this field, and we plan to collaborate on this project to ensure that our products and the ASP technology meet industry requirements in each other’s respective geographic marketplace. Supply chain and production infrastructure, sales and marketing with an established customer pipeline, and product and customer support centers are already in place for rapid market roll out. Job growth, export revenue, and other economic benefits for Canada and Spain can be quickly realized upon success of the proposed project.
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11 152
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440 000.00€
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Water Pollution / Treatment
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