Advanced wire for ductile iron inoculation and nano reinforcing

During nanomod project the partners will develop and test new and improved wires for ductile iron inoculation, the wires will be developed by cedie

Modgal Metal ltd. (SME) is the leading Israeli producer for Ductile iron cast parts for the automotive industry and others. Mogdal uses cored wire technology for the Ductile Iron casting process. Cedie is a large Spanish supplier and producer of wire for ductile iron inoculation and alloying, the company has an in house R&D department that specialized in creating custom wire solutions for deferent foundries based on powder technologies. Ductile iron is an important material for different industries including the automotive industry, specially in the large vehicles sector due to its high strength and lowered density comparing to steel. In order to achieve such qualities the cast iron goes through an inoculation process, in this process a magnesium is added to the melt before the casting, due to the high temperature of the iron and the chemical in-tolerance of magnesium with iron (or the other way) the magnesium creates gas bubbles that leads to the formation of spherical graphite particles in the iron. Else wise, without the magnesium modification treatment, the carbon-bearing iron melt solidifies into iron and elongated graphite precipitateness. This is the most simple form of cast iron and is brittle due to the presence of narrow crack shaped brittle graphite forms which leads to a failure upon deformation. The the inoculation process is basically the introduction of solid particles to act as a nucleation site for iron grains and thus increasing the number of grains and decreasing their size, yielding stronger microstructure with better mechanical properties. Using wire technology as to introduce the precise am-mounts of Mg and Inoculants is an effective way to add the magnesium and other alloying material to the iron melt with high precision, repeatability and minimal material lose. NanoMod project will develop two innovative cored wire technologies for ductile iron, the first wire that will be developed will have a new components compositions that includes new elements for improving the ductile iron alloying and inoculation. the second wire that will be developed will have an addition of Nano WC particles, the Nano WC particles will reinforce the ductile iron cast and act as a nucleation centers and reduce grain size resulting in higher physical properties. due to the little wight deferece between the iron and the WC particles there will not be a problem of the particles floating or sinking. (1) Microstructure and abrasive wear study of (Ti,W)C-reinforced high-manganese austenitic steel matrix composite - Ashok Kumar Srivastava, karabi Das (2) Interactions between tungsten carbide (WC) particulates and metal matrix in WC-reinforced composites - D. Lou, J. Hellman, D. Luhulima, J. Liimatainen, V.K. Lindroos (3) Cast microstructure and tribological properties of particulate TiC-reinforced Ni-base or stainless steel matrix composites - S. Skolianos, T. Z. Kattamis and M. Chen, B. V. Chambers.
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11 155
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1 030 000.00€
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Iron and Steel, Steelworks
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