Fully automated and (material and energy) efficient rtm process

The spanish company idec (with its rtd subcontractor tecnalia) and the austrian company fill, will develop a fully automated rtm process fr automotive and aeronautic applications. The goal is to generate a solution being a demonstrator equipment prototype ready for operation.

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is a method of fabricating high-tech composite structures for automotive and aerospace applications. For industrial use 3D fibre stacks are preformed in a mold and a heated resin is injected into the mold to impregnate the fiber layup. Having the mold heated and under pressure, assists the resin flow. The mold is then held at a temperature sufficient to cure the resin. Current RTM technology produces lightweight parts with excellent mechanical properties. With these qualities, composite materials are gaining wide use in a variety of structural and non-structural applications common in aerospace and automotive. The Spanish company IDEC (with its subcontractor TECNALIA) in cooperation with the Austrian company FILL, will engineer a fully automated RTM process for automotive and aeronautic applications. The goal is to generate a solution being a demonstrator prototype ready for operation. Appart from automation, the main innovations of this RTM process is that it will be based on a material eficient concept with basically zero carbon fiber scrap and on fast and energy eficient heating methods/ tools. Therefore, automation of the RTM process by means of an innovative machine concept and optimization for low cycle times of the produced parts are the main objectives of the project. The cooperation of the partners proposed allows accurate definition of all mechanical, electrical and software components respectively interfaces between multistrip cell, preforming cell and the injection moulding machine. Thus the individual system components collaborate across borders and allow optimized work flow automation during the production of RTM parts. The first preproduction model will be located in Spain and used for trial purposes of interested industrial companies. Prospective clients are offered an objective evaluation of an innovative machine concept and an assessment of the quality of produced RTM light weight components.
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11 166
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1 700 000.00€
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Industrial Manufacture
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