Profcont e-learning - e-learning models for professional content

End result is a platform for implementing professional training and also creating content on law, taxes, finance and ecology. It is aimed at training experts in various fields to raise the quality of sectors to a higher level. The solution will set a standard in the field of professional training.

The purpose of the „PROFCONT e-learning“ project is to create, internationally commercialize, and implement an advanced e-learning solution, intended to enable users to quickly acquire new skills and practical experience with the help of an innovative eLearning-By-Doing model. The goal is educating and training experts in law, taxes and finance, as well as ecology. Traditional educational methods are ill-suited for a constantly changing subject matter. The PROFCONT e-learning project will greatly enhance the quality of service in companies and institutions through education on various expert topics. The project will also completely change educational methodology. It will first be implemented in Slovenia and Croatia, and in the following 5 years we are planning to expand to the Balkans and to other EU countries. The problem solved by the PROFCONT e-learning project is the fact that experts in the fields of law, taxes, finance, and ecology are seeking specific skills and up-to-date information, especially regarding changes in national as well as EU regulations, while having very little time available for such research. There are over 1.100 laws and roughly 20.000 other pieces of legislation currently in force in Croatia. In Slovenia (as of May 2016) there are over 800 laws and roughly 18.000 other pieces of legislation in force. On top of this, there is also EU legislation and it is all being constantly amended. LP follows all legislation on a regular basis on our Tax-Fin-Lex portals in Slovenia and Croatia. This legislation applies to all legal aspects of operating a business or an organization – from labour laws, private law, tax law, to financial and accounting regulations. This requires constant and specialized education, which is time consuming, difficult to access, and expensive, all of which entails additional costs for companies/institutions. The second problem solved by the PROFCONT e-learning project is the fact that development of expert content is normally very time consuming and requires plenty of knowledge and appropriate technological support. One of major existing challenges is keeping track of changes in all the legal areas mentioned above, as well as implementing those changes to update content. The PROFCONT solution will successfully address this problem, which will be unique in the field. The third problem solved by the project is the fact that both private companies and public institutions are starting to see the importance of lifelong learning and the constant upgrading of skills and knowledge, since after having received formal education each person then enters the business world, where their knowledge needs to be updated, upgraded, and integrated with practical experience. Through analyzing the market we have established that no such service solution currently exists. Examples of a competitive solution are the Računovodja portal for accountants in Slovenia and Poslovna učinkovitost d.o.o. in Croatia. Their main drawback is static electronic content that is only seldom updated. In addition, the education they offer is not interactive through an e-classroom accompanied by a mentor, which would enable constant monitoring and testing of knowledge. The PROFCONT e-learning project offers an all-in-one solution, which will ensure it a leading position in the region. Partners on the project represent a key factor for successful implementation and transfer of the technology to the commercial market. The project “PROFCONT e-learning” will combine 10 years of Tax-Fin-Lex’s experience in the field of expert data and legal informatics, integrated IT services, and over 20 years of experience of Croatian company SV GROUP from Zagreb which has expertise in development of custom application and development of innovative software solutions. Keeping close relationships with all our customers and partners in the region and EU, LP and PP have an excellent opportunity to introduce a new product. Trends in Europe and worldwide predict a significant increase in the use of e-learning programs for knowledge improvement, since computer literacy is increasing. Furthermore, this method enables financial savings and optimization of personal time management. According to research by MOOC, e-learning is increasing among others also in Eastern Europe. In addition, it is an ecological, environmentally friendly educational process, since it does not require transportation to a classroom and paper consumption is decreased due to use of e-materials. The expert target audience demands that each specific topic is presented in a way that maximizes the learning effect. Because of this, instructional design experts will cooperate in the process of creating multimedia e-materials. They will help optimally determine the most convenient and sufficient number of multimedia devices to satisfy the specific needs of each target group.
PROFCONT e-learning
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700 000.00€
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Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
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