Integration system of optimitization production integra 4.0

Using guidelines of industry 4.0. And new technologies integrated system for management of manufacturing will be developed and tested. System will connect different component of manufacturing process and using intelligent algorithms provide optimal management of manufacturing process.

The main aim of the project is to develop integrated manufacturing management system. Software package will be developed a which will provide connection of different components of manufacturing system using new technologies. The main added value will be intelligent algorithms which will provide reduction of costs of manufacturing process and energy with strategic goal: realization of customer's orders in shortest times with minimal costs and minimal consumption of energy. The software solution will be developed in cloud and will be customized for the needs of high- tech companies producing machines and equipment. Our solution will be in accordance with recent research of Gartner Group, which found out that underlying concept of Industrie 4.0 is to connect embedded systems and smart production facilities to generate a digital convergence between industry, business and internal functions and processes. Connectivity point of our system and ERP and other information systems will be cloud based platform on which we will integrate our knowledge in monitoring and supervision of manufacturing planning process, energy management, automation and robotics quality management and smart contracting. Data platform with intelligent algorithms and self-learning system is technological basis for web management portal, which will follow our vision of optimization manufacturing process. The system will be built from following modules: - Planning and supervision of manufacturing process in accordance with ISO 9001 standard; - Energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 standard; - Integration with machines – automation and robotics. Using the system will have following positive effects in accordance with industry 4.0. requirements: - short response time between order and finished product, - lower production costs, - smaller stores and supplies, -100% supervision of manufacturing process, - better efficiency of work - smaller energy consumption. The project will be realized in following stages: - user analysis - analysis of existing solution and technology - conceptualization of process - software requirements specification - development of modules - testing of modules - integration of modules - testing of integrated system - pilot implementation of system - preparation of user documentation. The multilingual website for communication between partners and promotion and marketing of the product will be developed at start of the project and maintained during the project.
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11 197
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1 000 000.00€
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