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The main innovation of the proposed project is creation of patient healthcare record (phr) platform for point of care testing (poct) providers. The new phr platform will enable pharmacies, general practitioners and nursery homes to provide poct services for their patients and general community.

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is any medical diagnostic testing that is performed outside of the central laboratory, including (not only) patient’s bedside, (but also) operating theatre, critical care unit, maternity unit, emergency department, prisons, nursing homes, physician’s office, on emergency vehicles (ambulances), at health fairs, or at home. More recently, local pharmacies have adopted the technology to provide a one-stop service. The overall intent of POCT is to make critical laboratory tests available to the care and management of patients in a timely and accessible manner. This patient-centred focus moves healthcare toward the early detection, prevention, and better management of the patient. The worldwide growth of POCT has been estimated to be about 12% to 15% a year compared to the 6% to 7% growth rate of central laboratories (Wagar 2008). Other estimates put the POCT worldwide diagnostic market’s worth at around €21.6 billion by the year 2018 (ABC12 2014). The main innovation of the proposed project is creation of Patient Healthcare Record (PHR) platform for Point of care testing (POCT) providers. The new PHR platform will enable pharmacies, general practitioners and nursery homes to provide POCT services for their patients and general community. With PHR platform POCT providers will be able to provide and manage medical tests, results and patients’ medical records. With PHR platform medical tests will be performed at or near the site where the patient is located and the results will be available inside the PHR platform. Furthermore, the patient’s medical record will finally be available whenever and wherever needed, as sharing these documents will be enabled in a secure and user friendly way and in accordance with up to date standards of medical IT. PHR platform for POCT changes the traditional view and role of healthcare institutions and providers of healthcare services. The platform enables simple access to the health care services for patients and general community. It also enables new business models and business opportunities for the smaller health care institutions, pharmacies and nursery homes. PHR platform for POCT will help the traditional health care system to meet challenges brought on by new trends and to make every possible effort to assume a central role in primary care to the best of our expertise and in accordance with the required quality standards. Patients and medical professionals will have the information available from anywhere which will bring benefit to both types of users with the reduction of paperwork and reduced possibility of loss of information and documentation. The data is transferred and stored in a secure way and is available from any device, practically anywhere, when it is needed. The landscape for pharmacies is getting more competitive (congested market, shrinking margins, online orders, ....) and they are trying to find new ways of doing business. One way is providing additional services, such as POCT, where they can attract old and new customers back into the pharmacy. With an attractive solution for the customers/patients they respond to the need and trend of shortening waiting times and visits to GP offices only to take measurements.
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