Smartcare - expert system for better healthcare outcomes

Our goal is to create an expert system, called smartcare, that will create benefits for patients receiving care by deciding on the most optimal care needed. It will maximize outcomes by analyzing and understanding individual traits and giving clear recommendations with ai support for best execution.

Two partners from Slovenia (Eurotronic) and Sweeden (LOTS Security AB) with a clear vision of current and future needs in Medical Care management will join efforts to create unique innovation. Our goal is to create an Expert System, part of Artificial Intelligence, called SmartCare, that will be used in HealthCare management. An ES is a problem-solving computer program that emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert in domain that is considered difficult and requires specialized knowledge and skill. The aim of inovation is to create a system that will benefit patients receiving care by deciding and guiding the most optimal care executed by nurses and other proffesionals. SmartCare has a goal to maximize care outcomes for the patient by analizing and understanding individual patient characteristics and giving clear recomendations for best care execution. In addition it will monitor and overview care execution to prevent human factor mistakes. Benefits will be extended beyond patient outcomes into nurse management thus benefiting both nurses and HealthCare Centers (HCC) with the following features: 1. Patient outcome optimization module ES will use all available data based on different sources including health procedures, guidelines, protocols and learning capability based on previous outcomes for patients in order to make a decision and recomendation for execution of best possible care for a specific patient. 2. Nurse management and forecasting module By understanding all current care requirements and extensive sources of both internal and external data SmartCare will make a prediciton of near future (eg. Next Day) care requirements and will therefore be able to decide how much people will be needed to execute all necesary nurse care. In its decision and forecast it will be more accurate than educated human forecast and will therefore optimize workload and save expenditure with no regression of patient outcomes whatsoever. 3. Module for electronic recording of care With Touchscreen monitors in each room nurses will be able to record every task performed in easy and accurate way. This will minimize bureaucracy, prevent mistakes and enable HCC to properly charge each piece of care that was done. 4. Communication module Which will combine all users (Nurses, Patients, Doctors, Other HC proffesionals) into one communication and data system, and enable two-way communication with smart buildings as well. 5. Identification and location module with 1m accuracy This will properly identify wherabouts of patients and send closest emergency team in case of a need. It further enables proffesionals to allow or deny access to specific areas or services in the building, based on medical requirements. 6 .Connectivity module Will enable all medical devices with different protocols to be included in one system and contribute to better decision making of ekspert system SmartCare
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Software for health
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