Ai-automated-shotpeening machine

We have set a project that aims to develop state of the art ai controlled machine for shot peening. Main innovation is feature that uses sensory and thermal imaging readings, ai algorithms and learnings to predict remaining life of heavily worn parts and prevents failures by guiding intervention.

The project partnership consists of a Slovenian company Gostol TST d.d., Tolmin and the Croatian company UNIDAL Ltd., Vinkovci. We have set a project that aims to develop an innovative AI supported industrial machine for shot peening and sandblasting (AIAS - AI assisted Authomatic Shotpeeing machine) with the following innovative features: - Self-monitoring AI part that predicts through AI usable life of the individual components and prevents sudden machine failures - Auto-control sensory part, which includes a system of sensors and thermal imaging camera, which allows automatic process adjustment based on individual workpiece and enables machine to processes all sizes and shapes of workpieces - Two-way communication system that allows the function of self-monitoring and autocontrol part, through connectivity with HPC centers and enables possibility to interconnect machine in a smart factory - Special conveyor belt, which will allow direct integration into the production line The mechanical part of the machine will upgraded with control function of the machine processes to automatically steer peening process and up to now never developed self-monitoring part, which will be using AI and algorithms to correctly predict lifespan of key parts of the machine, which is one of the basic needs of the peeing process, due to extansive worn of machine parts during the process. In the development of these new technologies the partners are complementary and will bring together the knowledge and experience needed to increase the economic benefits for both partners. Discovery of this new cannot be done by only one of the partners nor competitors. It requires expertise and development capabilities, which are on the top of the current knowledge in the field of material processing and advanced skills in development of specific technical solutions in the field of sensory controls.
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11 206
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Project costs: 
990 000.00€
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Construction Technology
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