3d-printing of light-weight fibre-reinforced high-strength peek automotive engineering parts with coated surfaces

Project target is cost-efficient,high-temperature selective laser sintering for competitive automotive small-series additive manufacturing of peek with eco-friendly & low-cost processes, reliable quality by high & predictable fatigue strength, integrated functional construction & wear resistance

MAIN GOAL: Innovative machinery and manufacturing processes for cost-efficient Additive Manufacturing (AM) of PEEK polymers by Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) for small-series production of automotive engineering components, which fills the following technical/economical gaps and provides strong USPs for the consortium in: (1) manufacturing of design prototypes and small series of high-strength structural and functional properties with sufficient strength as basis for later CFRP design by e.g. compression moulding or hand-layering or even steel components (2) exploiting the design freedom of AM (integrated functionalized design) for construction with high-tech, carbon-fibre reinforced PEEK polymers (3) minimizing the required material resources (eco-friendly manufacturing) by minimizing waste (30% re-use of non-sintered powder) and component weight (macro-porosity adapted to strength and stability needs of the SLS part within the (bio-)mechanical system) (4) combination of SLS with application-desired surface finishing (PVD coating deposition), in particular high-wear protection & low-friction (“steel-like surface” of PEEK in mechanical engineering) MAIN RESULTS: LSS: (Austrian SLS machine producer) - marketable mid-size SLS equipment for high-temperature SLS of PEEK (up to 50% reduced SLS costs) RPD: (Austrian specialist in SLS manufacturing) - SLS process for PEEK manufacturing with high & reproducible fatigue properties (up to 80 MPa @ 1E6 cycles for max. 40% carbon fiber reinforcement) For RPD by Joanneum Research (JR): (Austrian applied scientific subcontractor of RPD for SLS polymer characterization and coating deposition) - wear-protecting, low-friction (μ < 0.08) coatings on PEEK (= “steel-like surface”) with high fatigue resistance (no weak-boundary layer in PEEK below the coating) Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina: (Turkish manufacturer of automotive components) - improved product development capabilities (CAD, FEM) for structural and functional parts for additive manufacturing (SLS) - use of fatigue-resistant macro-porosity in construction: guidelines for low-weight (>40% reduction) & adaptable-flexibility design - validation of concept by selected structural and functional automotive parts, comparison of physical test results with FEM results - benchmarking to conventional fabrication (CFRP fabrication, fabrication with steel) as basis for proper future technology selection For Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina by University of Kocaeli: (Turkish university with strong focus on applied polymer, material and surface R&D) - support in mechanical characterization (strength, fatigue and analysis of failure)
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11 261
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1 000 000.00€
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Plastics, Polymers
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