Single user cloud version of erpsim

Erpsim is a simulation engine that connects to a live sap system. Its architecture is not flexible enough to use to new sap technologies. We will devise generic connectors for fast integration of external business intelligence modules and significantly reduce the simulation scenario development.

ERPsim is a simulation engine that connects to a live SAP ERP system and relies on virtual accelerated time to compute the resulting effects of every decision a manager makes in SAP ERP system covering Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing scenarios, according to pricing, inventory and availability of the resources needed to build their products. ERPSim is packaged into a Business Simulation environment that allows teams of seasoned professionals and new hires alike to compete with each other by reacting to events happening in a virtual market, with the aim of maximizing their virtual business profits. This allows the participants of the Business simulation to rapidly seize how ERP systems with embedded analytics such as SAP S/4HANA can support achievement of business outcomes based on real time-to-action insights in the digital world. ERPSim was originally developed by a team of university professors as an academic tool to teach the basics of enterprise resource planning principles, using an ERP application such as SAP. Its application architecture was driven by academic goals. ERPsim is therefore monolithic and not designed to bring into light specialized features or new technologies and encompassing processes, such as ex-app cloud extension, delivered by SAP SE to the ERP system. ERPsim’s current state means that time-intensive efforts are needed to devise and develop new connectors to incorporate new SAP ERP innovations into the Baton Simulation solution. Furthermore, each connector has been designed to communicate with a traditional on-premise specific SAP extension API, which slows down the ERPsim development even more. Moreover, every gaming scenario aiming to highlight the capabilities of such innovations has to be developed from scratch, on a case by case basis, which is also very time consuming. This means that the traditional approach to utilize new SAP features in ERPsim is simply not fast enough anymore to keep ERPSim use cases on par with SAP’s innovation cycles. That is the reason Baton Simulations and SAP SE want to engage in this project, to the aim of - Developing extensions in ERPSim using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform services - Converting ERPSim simulation time based periods into actual calendar day periods - Devising a Business Intelligence Dashboard Generator - Reduce the scenario development time from 2 months to less than a day - Re-architecturing ERPSim for running continuous simulations - Developing a generic connector that would allow fast integration of new external business intelligence modules.
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600 000.00€
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