Geohazard assessment in european and asian coal mining

The objective is real-time monitoring and assessment of geotechnical hazards in european and asian coal mines. Understanding and acting on hazards such as gas outburst, rockburst, and roof fall, will improve safety and production.

Mira Geoscience Ltd and DMT GmbH propose to jointly undertake an R&D project whose objective is real-time monitoring and assessment of geotechnical hazards in European and Asian coal mines. Successful deployment of a such a system will deliver value to coal mine operators by providing more effective systems for assessing the risk of geohazards such as gas outburst, rock burst, and roof fall, all of which significantly compromise mine safety and production. Mira Geoscience has the required background in integrated earth modelling and geohazard assessment in hard rock mines, including prototype studies in the application of machine learning to geohazard assessment. DMT’s foundation is in coal mining, which has great differences with the hard rock mines for which Mira Geoscience has developed a prototype geohazard assessment framework. DMT has the required background in the specifics of coal mining including the principles of coal mine engineering, understanding of hazard types, and the instrumentation used to monitor coal mines. DMT maintains an extensive network of coal mine operators as customers throughout Europe and Asia. The project will have coal mine geohazard assessment as its focus, but its scope will include analysis of how an integrated geohazard assessment system, including machine learning, may be extended to DMT’s other customers in non-coal mines and civil geotechnical applications such as slope, tunnel, and dam monitoring and stability. Mira Geoscience will carry out the primary R&D of system development for integrated geohazard assessment in coal mining, including the application of machine learning. DMT will provide detailed problem definition and customisation of the solution for the European and Asian markets. Customisation will include language adaptation, customisation to specific applications (for example, coal outburst, but also include an analysis of how the solution can be extended to solve other mining and civil applications), and adaptation of the system to integrate data from specified instrumentation as required by the market. We expect the project to take 12 months, involve ongoing collaboration of technical personnel from both Mira Geoscience and DMT, as well as on-site, end-user meetings for technical interchange and deployment planning.
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11 267
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700 000.00€
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