Comprehensive approach for the recycling and eco-efficiency of electronics

Comprehensive approach to the continuous improvement of the
environmental performance of electronic products over their
whole life-cycle, including aspects such as recycling, etc.

CARE is an "umbrella" within the EUREKA structure. The main task is to generate subprojects developing high technology products, processes, systems or services contributing to solving some of Europe's major environmental problems as well as increasing Europe's competitiveness in this field on the world market of electronic products as well as recycling services. CARE has set itself the goal to promote recycling, re-use and the whole environmental performance of electronic products. It aims at taking into consideration the whole life cycle of the product and will establish a distributed standardised system for information exchange between producer, distributor and all possible other participants in the life cycle of electronic products. It aims at a high-volume, cost-effective, value-adding industrial system for recycling and all environmental issues. CARE projects will focus on the following main areas: A: Eco-design of new products B: Dismantling technology and Design for Disassembly C: Ageing models for Electronic Products, Modules and Components (Life Cycle Analysis) D: Material characterisation, separation and environmental impact of Materials F: Information and Communication technology for product information exchange G: Carrier and transport systems H: Economic and market scenarios I: Reverse logistics and take-back systems K: Work and socio-economic aspects. The list of main areas may change and be adapted to results achieved and the work done in the umbrella. The supportive measures will incorporate investigation of market issues and public behaviour as well as promotion and standardisation of the results of the projects of the umbrella. The Executive Committee of CARE is: - a permanent forum for the exchange of ideas including views on public needs, and - a tool for * the promotion of industrial cooperation * new developments, and * the exchange of market information, aiming at establishing business cooperation. The tasks of the Executive Committee are: - stimulating new project proposals from industries and/or research institutions from the various countries, as well as for - gathering, discussing and circulating the project proposal before formal transmission to the EUREKA Secretariat as a EUREKA project. Within the above-mentioned main areas, the Committee shall gather and pass on strategic information of market possibilities/technological needs, in and outside EUREKA countries, between the participants and initiate a strategic evaluation of cooperation opportunities and will be a forum for the formulation of common needs for supportive measures, i.e. standards, government initiatives, EU initiatives, etc. It shall evaluate the need for a matrix approach and the need for a market and technological database to provide a tool for communication between the Executive Committee and the national participants. Information on technical developments in the various countries will be passed on to all members of the Committee, in order to reduce parallel work, thus saving resources in the respective countries.
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.