Connected electric individual vehicle

The solution will make it possible to retrieve, store, analyze, restore and manage all the data and settings of connected geebees.
with bidirectional data flow, the solution will offer vehicle fleet management at three levels: user, operator and manufacturer.

Concept GEEBEE Inc. operates in the personal sustainable transportation field. We develop, manufacture and market 2- and 3-wheel personal electric vehicles. The competitive advantages of our vehicles are: the standing position, which is a safer and more ergonomic way of getting around; the electric motor, which means going from point A to point B without producing GHG emissions or noise; the GEEBEE’s performance, which allows users to travel over medium distances; and the GEEBEE’s multi-terrain capability. We target a corporate client base in different market segments (recreational tourism, delivery, industry, corporate transport) which acquires fleets of vehicles for employee use; these clients need tools to manage these fleets. Concept GEEBEE Inc. and SYNOX would like to work together to develop systems for the retrieval and analysis of data resulting from GEEBEE use and from GEEBEE settings during utilitarian and corporate travel. This collaboration will enable the development of two components, integrated electronics and an IT platform, constituting a comprehensive solution that will be adaptable to other light electric vehicles and other market segments, such as self-service rentals or sharing.
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11 671
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800 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Road Transport technology
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