Eco innovative development of textile aramid waste - arwatex

Arwatex project aimes development of recycling methods of the textile aramid waste. The essence of project is to develop the most suitable grinding techniques, and the eco-innovative and economic application of recycled materials as functional flame retardant products.

The aim of the project is development of material recycling methods of textile post-production and post-consumer aramid waste. The main project idea is " rom aramid waste to valuable products". ArWaTex project assumes to develop methods for aramid waste shredding, grinding, preparation, functionalisation (suitable for future applications of the recycled material) and to use the recycled aramid waste to manufacture new products, e.g.: flame retardant, anti static and bioactive products for technical and textile purposes. The basic practical advantage coming from the project will be the application of aramid waste for manufacturing new products on the basis of the material recycling technology which will be characterised by new properties (improved and specially targeted). ArWaTex project is undertaken according the EC Circular Economy Strategy and following the 2008/98/EC Directive of 19 November 2008 that obliges EC countries to control the whole life cycle of waste, from its appearance to neutralization with the emphasis put on recycling and re-use. Aramid waste because of their inherent chemical and physical properties are burdensome for the environment. ArWaTex project undertakes activities with aramids that prevent increasing in the generation of non-biodegradable and at the same time develops the recycling technology. Aramid textile waste, such as raw materials (fibres, yarns), materials (woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, heterogeneous materials and composites) as well as used Personal Protective Equipment are highly valuable (quality and price) resources, that can be reused for manufacturing new products with material recycling methods. In ArWaTex technology for production functional, homogeneous and multi-material products will be developed. 1. Building materials – flame retardant, biologically stable, thermo-regulating boards and mats. 2. Technical barriers - flame retardant, thermo-insulating and acoustic insulating. 3. Flame retardant unconventional textile structures (nonwovens). ArWaTex is focused on identification of the waste formation places and waste market analysis and development of technology of aramid waste recovery. Research will include identification of homogenous and composite aramid waste, development of aramid selection and preparation to recycling. Waste shredding and garneting methods will be developed in laboratory conditions and on semi-technical scale. ArWaTex involves development of textile aramid recycling methods and development of functionalisation and surface modification methods. Finally development of manufacturing methods of building materials, technical products, textiles is expected. The result of the ArWatex project will be implementation of the technology for aramid waste processing. The innovativeness of the project involves the use of valuable textile aramid waste for the manufacturing of multifunctional products for textile and non-textile (technical) applications. ArWaTex covers not only the prevention of aramid waste accumulation, but also the application of waste as a very valuable raw material for the production of multifunctional material/products with added value. Currently, textile recycling is carried out to a limited extent and it mostly concerns conventional clothing. The idea of the ArWaTex project is development a new way for aramid waste.
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11 678
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480 000.00€
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