Management and inference system for the use of services in the city.

Creative c is a platform that links the different users (institutional and municipal users as well as visitors and citizens, etc.) With the services available in any city, rendering them usable and particularizable; and which allows the inference of new data relations generated by its use.

This project presents the design of an interactive platform that integrates information from government, local companies, and citizens' programs to provide significant and broad scope knowledge at any time, in any place, and from any device. Through a mobile application, it allows the management of availability of services and information offered by Smart and Sustainable Cities, accessing a public website, generating new information about the use of services, and providing knowledge about said use. It links cities, industries, and citizens, proving the feasibility of developing a successful solution which learns from data generated by its use; allows the development of new services; and contributes to decision-making processes. This platform will be used by diverse targets: citizens, visitors, public institutions, and private companies; and it offers services and functionalities that adapt to each user's needs learning from data generated by its use. There are two main technological components to support user interfaces: an application for mobile phones which will be the access media to the various services provided by the city, and a back-end system to manage the availability of the services and the information offered by a public website. For enabling the mentioned operations, Big Data and Data Analytics modules will be implemented giving support to the storage and processing of data and allowing the support decision and generation of smart recommendations functions. The application for mobile phones, the first component, will run on the main mobile phones platforms, Android and iOS. It will give the different users (citizens, tourists, etc.) access to the information available at the website from any kind of mobile device such as a tablet or a Smartphone. Its design and agile navigation will allow an optimal experience customized for each user, with access to the same information available at the public website from any mobile device. The second component consists in the creation of a back-end system, responsible for keeping the information to which the applications access updated.Their main components are the Big Data, Data Analytics and Algorithms modules enabling the support decission and generation of routes and smart recommendations functions. Thus, a platform designed for its administrators to be able to add and modify the information that will be shown in subsequent uses of the application and which learns from the information generated by its use is created. The web manager system will consist of the following modules: Content management module: it allows the management of news, events in the local agenda, places of interest, advertisements, users, etc., displaying in the application those contents which are necessary for its functionality. As far as the public website is concerned, own content such as local organization charts, videos, documents, banners, static pages, galleries, telephone numbers, bulletins, etc. can also be published. Administrative processes management module: this module will give users access to the mechanisms required to manage booking of sport facilities, appointments in the city hall, enrollment in training courses, trips, workshops, etc. Different temporary calendars can be created which can be part of a year or other time periods. Public holidays during which the facilities will not be available can be indicated. Incidents/repairs management module: this module will give the city hall institutional users access to a management panel that will allow them to take care of the incidents reported by other users from their mobile applications or through the public website. It will also permit communication of the repair status and assignment of said repair task to the technician who will correct the damage. Citizens' service module: local council managers will be able to use a desktop tool which is independent from the website manager, designed to respond to instant messaging requests made by users from their mobile devices. Survey management module: city hall institutional users will be able to easily manage any survey of their choosing. Surveys can be created, deleted, and edited. Post entry module: within the citizens' participation scope, the content manager will be available to generate posts and to publish local city hall information as well as information of any other kind. Routes management module: aimed at exploiting the city's resources, this module will permit the creation of routes of tourist and cultural interest. Usage statistics module: this module provides access to a panel which shows the way in which users use their mobile applications in an integrated manner. These indicators measure the performance level of a process and the number shown is directly related to a purpose set beforehand. This will be useful for local council managers in the decision making process regarding improvement of their citizens' participation and communication tools. 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11 695
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400 000.00€
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Integrated software

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