Development of a new animal feed supplement for improving animals performance

The aim of this project is to develop applying new technologies, a natural feed supplements based on beer yeast, as a inactive powder for new feed receipts

ZINCOPPYEAST project is an industrial driven research and development project in which the project partners’ aim is to collaborate in order to develop a new and innovative product: a feed supplement for farm animals/a new feed receipe on blended between spent brewer yeast from the brewers industries with the wet yeast biomass enriched with microelements (organic zinc), polyphenols, and vitamins and/blended between spent brewer yeast from the brewers industries with inorganic zinc. Brewer yeast could be easy palatable for farm animals with a higher level of crude protein than other conventional feed sources. Zinc is an essential trace element, being a component and a cofactor of numerous antioxidant enzymes (SOD) and other enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. It is also very important for immune functions. In animals, zinc deficiency causes increased oxidative stress and, consequently, increased oxidative damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids. Dietary polyphenols have also a protective role against the oxidative stress. The use of such alternatives is of a great importance mainly for: - the global demand for grains is higher than the global grain production; -stiff competition between man and livestock for the existing food and feed resources; - the need for feed that is adapted to harsh environmental conditions due to the ongoing climate change. The main objectives of the project are: - To obtain a new feed bio-ingredient, an yeast biomass enriched in organic zinc, polyphenols and valorization of spent brewing yeast. This new product based on blended between spent brewers yeast from the brewers industries with the wet yeast biomass enriched in zinc organic, vitamin, polyphenols will drive to an innovative feed supplement for laying hens. This will be comparative tested with other new feed supplement based on dry spent brewing yeast with inorganic zinc in the new recipe for laying hens. -To identify and characterize the in vivo effects of the new feed supplement on laying hens health. The project will investigate the effect of the new combinations, new mixtures between spent brewing wine or yeast consortium (wine and beer yeast) wet biomass enriched with Zn and polyphenols, having the fermentation substrates mentioned above to produce an innovative feed receipt, a new feed supplement which will be tested on the laying hens with further commercialization on the market. The brewing yeast biomass enriched in zinc can be used as source of zinc and vitamins, as alternative feed resources in feed industry. Therefore, this will be a challenge for animal nutrition specialists, to introduce and promote alternative feed resources that have high nutritive value and are adapted to harsh environmental conditions. The valorisation of spent brewing yeast will be very important for the environment as it was considered a waste. Also in this project we will determine the homogeneity, shelf life and ingredient stability of the zinc, vitamin and yeast-containing supplement in different layer hen premixes, concentrates and compound feeds. During the production of poultry feed several feed technological procedures are carried out which involve the use of high temperature (pelletizing-crumbing, hygienization, expansion). The organoleptic (sensory) characteristics of eggs produced by hens. The innovative bio-ingredients as new feed supplement for new feed receipes will be patented. Through the following fundamental objectives the project will increase multidisciplinary transnational technological cooperation between technological research centers from countries such as Romania and Hungary. There is a need regarding the cooperation between European technological research organizations and SMEs from Romania and Hungary , in this sense the RTD performers contributing with their research and previous know-how. 3 research organizations and 3 SMEs will be involved in the present project. This is very important for the further industrial end-users because it allows an intermediate validation before the industrialization phase. The new feed receipes basing on spent brewing yeast and zinc will be tested on layings hens and the final products, eggs will be also evaluated by the SME (Coordinator) and research organizations. Exploitation of new product can start after the end of the project and we anticipate that it will take approximately 2 years after the completion of the project before we will be able to commercially introduce the ZINCOPPYEAST to the European market. The project is meant to encourage the use of by-products especially the brewer's yeast in laying hens as an alternative feed resource enriched with zinc, organic zinc and rich in vitamins and polyphenols.The zinc and the polyphenols will act with sinergism for the antioxidant activity by valorisation of the by-product of spent brewing yeast, which will be evaluated by response on oxidative stress on laying hens.
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11 700
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490 000.00€
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Biology / Biotechnology
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