Flood risk management governance through technology and social science collaboration

Main objective of this proposal is to strengthen flood risk management governance through a systematic approach from technical, organizational and socio-economic aspects.

Climate change has caused more frequent occurrence of extreme events. Increasing flooding and other types of water related natural hazards triggered by the extreme events, such as heavy precipitation, storms, snow melt water and storm surges have caused significant consequences on economic damage, and other direct or indirect consequences on the environment and our society, in some cases loss of lives. These consequences require more robust and innovative approach to handle the individual challenging aspect and their integration. The main bottlenecks identified for innovation of flood risk management are the economies burdens for adaptation, fragmentation of institutions and responsibilities, limited engagement of public and private stakeholders (in research) and lack of education and training at different levels. The purpose of the FORMTES project is to continue in the contemporary research (projects Floodsite (FP6), FloodProBE (FP7), eGMS (EUREKA) and STAMFOR (EUREKA)). Main objective of this proposal is to strengthen flood risk management governance through a systematic approach from technical, organizational and socio-economic aspects. The objectives will be achieved through collaboration of research in engineering and social science, from theory to practice, with strong involvement of public and private stakeholders throughout the project period. The technological innovation from eGMS (application of the Geophysical Monitoring System) and STAMFOR (use of „smart“ cables installed into flood control dikes for the long term monitoring purposes) will be used like the basis for the lessons learned, as well the results from flood risk related research in Czech Rep. and UK, resp. Hungary, to establish the climate services case studies and related research. Technological innovation is almost impossible without considering the governance aspects, economical and societal issues and vice versa. Innovation of research approach regarding flood risk management must be developed based on sound understanding emerging challenges and risks, state-of-the –art of technologies and knowledge in engineering and social science, which have to be incorporated with the goals of public and private interests and benefits. It is therefore crucial to foster innovations from both science areas and demonstrate the technologies in the real world. Coordinating previous research in order to integrate existing and tested tools and best practices in a single platform, and supporting its large scale application through capacity building and participatory approach are the expected main results of FORMTES. Results of FORMTES will contribute to creation of a new climate service market, and especially to reinforce and expand the climate services to new sector - Climate services for flood risk control. The project FORMTES work packages and management framework: WP1: Lessons learned and understanding of the challenges WP2: A systematic approach for flood risk assessment, adaptation and toolkits WP3: Pilot cases and involvement of stakeholders (Community of Practice) WP4: Utility design development and testing WP5: Knowledge dissemination and awareness creation WP6: Project management The project will bring novel risk assessment concepts that respond to limitations of current methods and assessment practices: This will enable a further modernization of paradigms in risk management, where decision-making under deep uncertainty, managing trans-sectoral and cross-regional risks, and participatory, engaged approaches are becoming common practice in Europe. As well a demonstration of the value of the information on hydrological impacts to relevant stakeholders will be practiced via the set of representative pilot studies that will allow the assessment of an extensive set of sectoral and transsectoral surveys on the reliability and robustness of current risk management strategies and future adaptation options. FORMTES will organise an improved science-based support for existing and adapted flood risk management and adaptation strategies. FORMTES's framework and toolkits will address the need of managers of water construction works, municipalities, regional planners and local water administrative bodies all over the world. Particular emphasis will be put on the provision of realistic, robust and relevant information on extreme hydrological impacts at climate time scales to governments, business and citizens in Europe, however the representative pilot site from third world will be taken into account to evaluate different socio-economic aspects. The direct involvement of a broad range of relevant stakeholders that routinely develop risk management strategies in key economic sectors will via Flood Risk Management Community of Practice (FRM CoP) ensure the relevance and uptake of the project outputs. FORMTES strongly believes that we can learn from today to anticipate tomorrow. 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11 705
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540 000.00€
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Safety technology
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