Vegetable oil based food machinery lubricants

Food industry lubricants are normally based on mineral oils
which are hazardous if they contaminate food and non bio-
degradable when spilled on waste. This project will produce
a line of products based on vegetable oils for the uk market

BINOL FILIUM AB is active in the environmental lubricants business and we base the products on their high biodegrability, low toxicity of vegetable oils and bio- renewable, excellent lubricating properties. Traditionally, lubricants have been based on mineral oils, which have low degradability and contain many toxic compounds such as aromats. In SWEDEN, nearly 70% of all lubricants are disposed of in the environment. BINOL FILIUM AB is active in hydraulic oils, saw chain oils, cutting fluids, vegetable grease and mould releaser, based on vegetable oils and marketed to the agro and forestry industry, metal working industry, construction industry and food industry. BINOL FILIUM AB has pioneered with these products and is market leader in the environmental lubricants business. We have identified the need for lubricants to the Food Industry and the problems which could be solved are the following: - contamination risk - working environment - external environment (waste water). The following product line will be developed: - hydraulic oil - central lubricating oil - transmission oil - lubricating grease. The development will be carried outtogether with an English partner, SMALLMAN LUBRICANTS in the UK. The interest for this kind of product in the UK is great and SMALLMAN has the right experience to market these products. The project will be focused on direct tests in food equipment together with big food producers and packaging companies in the UK and Scandinavia. The English partner SMALLMAN will put the emphasis on contacts with English authorities and food equipment manufacturers to get approvals which meet with future regulation requirements and ISO 9000 standards.
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800 000.00€
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