Method to manage implementation of technological change through integration of technological/human resource factors

Hitop-method to shorten the socio-technical change cycle to
ensure optimal technology-organisation-people integration.
industrial applications:expand hitop reference manual,create
user manual and support tools to facilitate use for smes.

HITOP = High Integration of Technology, Organisation and People. Developed by the INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE (Ann Arbor, U.S.A.) in conjunction with experts from the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, HITOP was designed to provide a procedure to ensure that technology planning teams address all pertinent issues surrounding technology implementation, i.e. the organisation and people implications of planning for new technologies. The first applications of HITOP in industry have led to very interesting results, such as shortening considerably the time for introducing effectively new technology, by well trained and motivated people, supported by a suitable new organisation (e.g. HEWLETT PACKARD's). However, the first applications have relied very heavily on the personal skills of HITOP users who have been able to compensate for the gaps in the existing manual. It has become obvious, through the exchange of experiences between the first HITOP users, that the HITOP reference manual must be improved and made more user-friendly so that SMEs can truly have access to the method. The various partners on this project will coordinate their work to refine and expand HITOP i.e. completing both the framework in the reference manual and the support tools that HITOP already offers, and extend the method. The socio-technical contribution to the method will be strengthened. The first pilot aplications in the U.K., FRANCE and SWITZERLAND will help to create a user manual and user support tools to facilitate access for new users, for a wider dissemination of HITOP. To speed up dissemination, training modules will be developed and coordinated between partners. The work done to prepare the training will most probably also be useful for the development of the user manual. Dissemination will be supported by various means that will be studied during this project e.g. delivery support servuce, hotline support. The project will also set up a process whereby continuous improvement of the method will be facilitated, e.g. through a user group and sharing of experiences, difficulties and each group's own creativity.
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